MCSD High School Graduation Day

Know Before You Go

As we prepare for our upcoming Muscogee County School District Graduation Ceremonies for the Class of 2024, we kindly remind our students, families, and guests of the established protocols for all MCSD High School Graduations. To have a dignified and honorable ceremony for all students and to celebrate the accomplishments of our graduates, we request that all participants and guests read this information carefully and review all guidelines from the Muscogee County School District and the Columbus Civic Center.

  1. The Columbus Civic Center has a clear bag policy for ALL persons admitted to the facility. Please review the policy here:
  2. Firearms and weapons are strictly prohibited at Columbus Civic Center. Balloons, banners, noisemakers, and obstructive objects will not be permitted inside the facility.
  3. All security screenings will take place outside prior to entry into the Civic Center. All staff members and guests will be screened (by wand) by security staff before entering the facility.
  4. ALL staff members must have their school IDs readily available for CC staff to check before they are allowed into the arena. School staff members will not be able to enter without proper identification.
  5. Every guest, regardless of age or affiliation, must have an official school-sponsored ticket to enter the arena. Badges or district identification (including school IDs) do not serve as tickets unless the ID is for the staff member of the school graduating at that time.
  6. The MCSD and Civic Center staff will not open the doors for guests without all school staff members in place and without the previous school clearing the area. Guests are asked to remain patiently outside for the doors to open.
  7. Families are not permitted to block off seats, save seats for others inside the arena, or save parking spaces in the parking lot.
  8. All participants are to follow the parking lot guidance provided by their schools. The parking lot map and instructions are included as an attachment to this communication. Only graduates and school staff members will be permitted to enter the gates of the courtyard prior to the ceremony.
  9. Guests who need assistance with seating due to physical constraints are encouraged to arrive early. Only a single elevator is accessible for guests who need assistance reaching the seating area. No guests will be permitted on the floor or in the arena's tunnels.
  10. To ensure a dignified ceremony for all graduates, guests are asked to follow the instructions from their schools regarding district protocols for applause and audience interactions during the ceremony. Guests who do not follow these instructions will be removed from the arena by security.
  11. Upon the close of the ceremony, all guests are asked to vacate the arena and the parking lot with care and efficiency so that the next school may enter safely.

If you have any questions regarding these protocols for graduation, please contact the Graduation Coordinator at your school.

We look forward to sharing this momentous celebration with all of our Muscogee County School District graduates and their guests. Thank you for adhering to these protocols and for helping to make our 2024 Commencement Ceremonies special for our students and their schools.